“If You’re Happy, Clap Your Hands”

A Japanese Group Show of 80’s Generation Artists

Artists: Miyuki Akiyama, david, Ikumi Nagasawa, Ai Ryumon, Osamu Watanabe, Yu Yasuda

Curator: Kenta Torimoto

Artists born in the 80’s are called the “Jelly Generation” in China from material wealth and their mentality. What about Japan’s “Jelly generation”? Japan had experienced rapid economic growth and suffered a burst of the economic bubble a little bit earlier than China. The “Jelly Generation” of Japan are very much affected by these changes.

This group exhibition of Japanese artists from the 80’s generation, who are getting a lot of attention both in Japan and abroad lately express their creativity in a fantastic, ironic and sweet way.

It is not easy to find “happiness” by money or material nowadays. However, their artworks allow us to realize that happiness is always around you.

If you are happy, clap your hands. Why don’t we clap our hands together?