I have always been obsessed with the classic and elegant materials of the traditional culture. The little curvy bridge, small springs and the mysteries lanes in the gardens remind me of romantic love stories. The Kunqu (one type of Chinese opera) “The Peony Pavilion”, which is about handsome young man, luxuries costumes, beautiful yet cold Suzhou gardens and the romantic relations, exactly what I have been pursuing for a long time.

The novel “The Peony Pavilion” is by opera writer Tang Xianzu, which has been translated into many types of operas. The most intriguing part is the love story between the leading female role Du Liniang and the leading counterpart Liu Mengmei.

Du Liniang dreamed of her perfect prince, Liu Mengmei in her sleep and had a memorial love relationship with him. A lady from a prestigious family and a poor scholar, this relation would not have been allowed in reality, though in dreams one can really explore your desires and needs, they had the bravest relationship.

Love is very powerful, having seen their love, I have many feelings.

This series of new works by Liu Ren is inspired by the traditional romantic love story, a novel called “The Peony Pavilion”. This novel is been translated into many types of opera and been performed for centuries in the Chinese history, Kunqu, as one type of traditional Chinese opera, is the most inspiring opera in demonstrating this romatic love story.

“Frightening Dream” is a chapter in the novel about a dream the leading female role Du Liniang had. She experienced a romantic love affair with a poor scholar, Liu Mengmei, in her dreams, which would not have been allowed in real life since she was from a very prestigious family at the time.

Being the favorite opera and performance of the artist, Liu Ren would like to take this opportunity to show us her inner world, about “Frightening Dream”, about love, about life.