“Daytime Eats Night”

Miyuki Akiyama Solo Exhibition

Curator Lico Fang

“Daytime Eats Night” makes the debut solo show in China for Japanese artist Miyuki Akiyama.

Miyuki first exhibited at Andrew James Art in 2008 in a group exhibition for young Japanese artists.  Her work was very well received and the gallery warmly welcomes her back for her biggest show to date.

Miyuki’s oil paintings are beautiful dreamlike landscapes inhabited by lots of forest creatures and wild animals, the paintings  border on the abstract and the surreal and leave plenty to the imagination to conjure up the meanings behind them.

Miyuki describes it as When I look at things such as the animals, forests and sprawling cities, I imagine it to be very different, I see an ancient scenery which has taken root here, a different time flow and the phenomenon which has taken place.  Seeing both these different sceneries before me and connecting with them I feel possible to compose the “Present”.” 


Daytime Eats Night

Lico Fang

What Miyuki Akiyama has painted, is a bright and promising space, a fictional but romatic world, filled with familiar subjects, animals, ancient forests, colorful clouds, sky, crystal clear lake, waving sea plants and mysteriously deep ocean……

Miyuki Akiyama made it possible to fuse the reality with fantasy, perfect use of color, wonderful combination of different objects, skilled manipulation of space and time, showing in front of us the imaginary “ancient scenery”. Animals like squirrels, bears, giraffes, wild rabbits and fox, which repeatedly appears in children’s novels, can also be frequently found in this “ancient scenery”. They are simple and pure, reflecting the most original and basic side of humanity.

Miyuki Akiyama was hugely inspired by a rare experience of grassland camping 10 years ago. She deeply felt the fear of the darkness, the humble and uncertainty of life, which seemed even more helpless under the countless bright stars in the dark sky. This incidental reaction that happened far from the modern world became the inspiration of Miyuki’s works. Her works seem to be trying to conquer the fear of the night, with respect to the nature and admiration to the brightness, while achieving an even more eternal and noble space.

The brightness and mildness of the “ancient scenery” reflects the human’s persistent pursuit of “kindness” and “nobleness”. The works express a delicate layer of tolerance, and a happiness sentiment that almost feels like religion. Hence it is not so difficult to understand the title of this show “Day Eats Night”, i.e. brightness conquers fear, eternal defeats temporary.

Miyuki Akiyama was born in 1980, graduated from Oil Painting Department of Musashino Art University in Japan, since then her talent for art is being more and more closed followed. The romance, fantasy and colorfulness in her works was spotted by eminent Japanese pop/rock band Remioromen and one of her works was used as the cover of their album “Kaze no Chroma” (meaning the Colorfulness of the Wind).

This solo exhibition is Miyuki Akiyama’s first solo show in China.  We sincerely welcome you to experience Miyuki’s unique art world in this multi-colored spring.