“This Is Asia?”

Andrew James Art brings together artists from China, Japan and Korea for this exciting new show “This is Asia?”

Many of the works in the exhibition contradict one another often showing what it is to be Asian whereas others prove hard to tell they are Asian and could come from any country in the world.

Does it even matter that this is Asian art?   Would we think it is better or worse if we knew which country it came from?  Good art should come first, nationality a distant second.  This show hopes to highlight some leading works from the contemporary art world, be it established artists or new up-and-coming artists.  It aims to show that Asian art can be as good as any art in the word and deserves to be called contemporary art rather than the next trendy country defining label.

Includes work by;

Akino Kondoh, Chiho Aoshima, Dorothy M.Yoon, Feng Zhengjie, Han Yajuan, Hiroyuki Matsuura, Ken Matsuyama,  Liang Binbin, Ling Jian, Liu Ye, Lin Jianrong, Miao Xiaochun, Sakuji Yoshimoto, Sheng Qi, Shin Youngmi, Shintaro Miyake,  Sun Huiyuan, Xu Heng Yang Jing, Yang Maolin, Yang Shaobin, Yuichiro Ohmura, Zeng Lingxin, Zhang Xiaogang,  Zhou Yilun