“Embrace The New But Don’t Discard The Old”

Zhou Yilun Solo Exhibition

Date: 13 November – 19 December 2010

Vernissage: 6-9pm Saturday 13 Nov 2010

Venue: Andrew James Art

Address: 39 North Maoming Road, Jing’an, Shanghai

Over 2 years since his last solo exhibition in Shanghai, Zhou Yilun is back with a new collection of artworks called “Embrace the New but Don’t Discard The Old”.  Presenting contemporary artworks in old discarded picture frames Zhou Yilun challenges us to think about our lifestyles in modern society.


“Technology is advancing so fast and the social pressure is to have the latest accessories and to even throw away perfectly good older technology.  In the past people used to use the same rice bowl for 20 years, now people change phone on a seasonal basis” said Zhou Yilun.

The picture frames in this exhibition are a way to tell people not to forget about these older products.  The artworks in the frames cover many different topics, politics, wildlife, subversive behaviour and the humorous in a variety of medium, expressing the artist’s natural talent for quick renditions.  The broad range of subject matter and medium reflect the artist’s desire to disseminate the world around him and to sometimes poke fun at it.

Explaining the works the artist says,

“Often there is no connection between the artworks but I want to reflect on what I see in books and the press and why people are doing this, I see it like a movie joining all these different scenes together like a director”.

Zhou Yilun graduated from the prestigious China Art Academy in Hangzhou and has since gone on to have shows in China and abroad with plans for a solo show in Los Angeles in 2011.